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PHOTON SOLAR - PV Panels - Overview & Prices 


PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH - is a photovoltaic wholesaler and system house based in Germany. The company offers high-performance mono crystalline PV panels from German and EU production as well low-cost special offers from Asian manufacturers. In addition, PHOTON SOLAR Germany – produces its own poly crystalline PV modules of the EU and PS series, which are optimally used in self-sufficient PV applications (off-grid PV packages) abroad. 



PHOTON SOLAR - PV Panels Overview

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MADE in GERMANY & MADE in EU - PV Panels:   

__panel_power__ ___panel_type___ __frame_size__ _comment_ _country_of_origin__
    & cell type            (mm)        (production) 
 325/330 Wp mono Nemo 2.0 60M 1670 x 1006 x 38     MADE in GERMANY
 320/325 Wp mono  Nemo 2.0 60M Black 1670 x 1006 x 38 Full Black     MADE in Germany 
 330 Wp mono  SCM3-330 1655 x 1002 x 40     MADE in EU 
 290 Wp poly  SC-290P-60  1640 x 992 x 40      MADE in EU 


__panel_power___ ___panel_type__ __frame_size__ _comment_ _country_of_country_
& cell type   (mm)   (production)
 360 Wp mono   MS-360M-120 HC  1776 x 1052 x 35   half cut cells   MADE in ASIA 
 320 Wp mono   MS-320M-60   1650 x 992 x 35     MADE in ASIA 
 400 Wp mono   AS-6M-HC-Black  2008 x 1002 x 40  half cut cells  MADE in ASIA 
 280 Wp poly   PS-280P-60  1640 x 992 x 35  910 pcs rest    MADE in ASIA 


PV panels prices download
(prices net plus 19% German VAT tax) 

 Photon Solar PV panels - price list - (PDF) 

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