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330Wp poly crystalline photovoltaic panel  

High-performance solar panel with premium cells - European production facility - 30 years performance warranty from German manufacturer  !

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IEC61215 & IEC 61730

This type of solar panel realizes a reliable performance. Poly crystalline high-efficient solar cells (premium quality) guarantee long-term and stable returns. Special panel with Oversize Frame.  Higher power: 330Wp, due to stronger cells, the efficuiency of this panel has just been increased from 325Wp to 330Wp.  



330Wp - poly crystalline photovoltaic solar panel


  • Panel Type: PHOTON SOLAR SCP-325
  • Certified European factory - Made in EU 
  • Available power sizes: 310, 320, 325, 330Wp
  • 72 cells (156x156mm), poly crystalline high-efficient solar cells (Premium Quality), latest state-of-the-art technology 
  • Highest cell efficiency = highest panel efficiency 
  • Positive power tolerance (no minus): 0 to 5 Wp
  • Panel size: 1957 x 992 x 40 mm (22.5 kg)
  • Certified: IEC61215, IEC61730
  • High mechanical pressure ability: Wind pressure 2400pa/ Snow pressure 5400pa (snow class 3)   
  • 30 years performance warranty from German manufacturer 
  • Advantages of this panel type due to the big frame (oversize): Saving costs because of less sub structure needed. If you install this panel type vertically , you will need less sub structure material in comparison to standard panels (e g 270W Poly).  
  • MOQ 1 pallet = 27 panels 
325Wp poly - 72 cells: 

 1957 x 992 x 40 mm 
Data sheet 

Pick up prices EXW warehouse NRW, Germany. In case of delivery please add transport costs. Transport cost do vary in accordance to volume, weight and distance. Net prices plus German 19% VAT tax. 

Delivery time: Delivery from factory approx. 2 - 3 weeks (counting from receipt of binding order with down payment receipt).  

Sales prices of the 330 Wp panel: 

Minimum order quantity from 1 pallet ! 

1 pallet 
(27 panels x 330Wp) €0.40/W 
330W panel: unit price € 132.00
27 x 330W     = 8,910 Wp (8.91 KWp) 
27 x €132      = € 3,564.00

Above prices from 1 pallet (27 panels), no smaller quantities offered.

Prices in Euros net plus 19% German VAT tax, plus transport costs. EXW Germany.
Subject to our Legal Terms and Conditions of Business

Data sheets download: 
(currently, we only have 310-325Wp data sheets available. 330W has the same mechanical data (same frame size), but 5Wp more nominal power).  

 310 - 320 Wp Poly Panel Data sheet (PDF) 

 325 Wp Poly Panel Data sheet (PDF)

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