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AMERI SOLAR AS-6P-30 (280Wp)  

280 Wp poly crystalline photovoltaic panel  

High-performance solar panel - offered from Photon Solar warehouse in NRW (North Rhine Westfalia),  Germany. Reliable power perfomance at lowest price. 
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TÜV certified: 

IEC61215 + IEC61730 

This type of solar panel is characterized by high performance with long-term reliability at lowest price. High-performance polycrystalline cells of the latest generation ensure high efficiency. AMERI SOLAR is a professsional US-American & Asian pv panel manufacturer with 25 years experiance in production and quality control. The production capoacity of Amerisolar was art 1.2 GW in the year 2018. The company co-operated with German and US insitutes and laboratories for many years. We have realized a variety of successfull reference projects, as well we do have amerisolar panels on the roof of our own office building in Germany, performing above average over the last years. We offer Amerisolar panels from PHOTON SOLAR stock in Germany. We have internally double checked and proven the panels quality before moving into our warehouse stock. 

  • Panel Type: AS-6P-30 (Amerisolar)  
  • Available power sizes: 280 Wp
  • 172.20 Wp nominal power per sqm
  • poly crystalline high-efficient solar cells (Premium Quality), latest state-of-the-art technology 
  • panel efficiency: 17.21% (280Wp) 
  • Positive power tolerance (no minus): 0 to 3 % 
  • Panel size: 1640 x 992 x 40 mm (18.5 kg)
  • TÜV Certified: IEC61215, IEC61730
  • High mechanical pressure ability: Wind pressure 2400pa/ Snow pressure 5400pa (snow class 3)  
  • salt mist + amoniac test passed and proven
  • Potential induced degradation (PID) resistance   
  • Manufacturer: Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd. (AMERISOLAR)  
  • Reference system: Photon Solar headquarter own roof top (excellent power output)
  • 30 years linear performance warranty
  • re-insurance (Chubb insurance) 
  • Palllets = 30 panels
  • German WEEE-registration number 68216763 
  • Sales EXW warehouse,  NRW, Germany 
280Wp Poly panel 

AS-6P-30- (280Wp) 
Data sheet 

Sales Prices
(plus 19% German VAT, plus freight)

Pick up prices EXW warehouse NRW, Germany. In case of delivery please add transport costs. Transport cost do vary in accordance to volume, weight and distance.  Net prices plus 19% German VAT tax. 

Scaled prices of the 280Wp panel: 

from 1 pallet (30 panels): €0.29/Wp 
AS-6P-30-280 panel price: €81.20 
30 x 280W     = 8,400 Wp (8.4 KWp) 
30 x €81.20   = €2,436.00

from 108 panels (30.24 KWp): €0.28/Wp 
AS-6P-30-280 panels price: € 78.40
108 x 280W   = 30,240 Wp (30.24 KWp) 
108 x €78.40 = € 8,467.20 

from 358 panels 
(100.24 KWp)€0.27/Wp 
AS-6P-30-280 panels price: € 75.60
358 x 280W   = 100,240 Wp (100.24 KWp) 
358 x €75.60 = € 27,064.80 

Small quantities less 1 pallet with price premium:
(Minimum order quantity 5 panels)

20 – 29 panels add €0.03/Wp  
13 – 19 panels add €0.05/Wp 
9– 12 panels add €0.08/Wp 
5 - 8 panels add €0.10/Wp 

Prices in Euros net plus 19% German VAT tax, plus transport costs. Subject to our Legal Terms and Conditions of Business (AGB).


AS-6P-30 (280Wp) Amerisolar PV panel data sheet (PDF)

TÜV certificate IEC61215 + IEC61730 
Amerisolar 30 years manufacturer warranty  
Amerisolar German WEEE registration number 68216763

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